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The two links below will enable you to search for current job vacancies on this site for either:

Vacancies information about all current vacancies relating to the Isle of Man Government and an Application Form for same, or
The DTI Job Centre for public and private sector vacancies on the Isle of Man.
The 2001 census recorded that the Isle of Man's economically active population was almost 40,000 having grown from 27,500 at the time of the 1981 census.

The Island's changing economic structure has led to an overall reduction in unemployment beginning in the latter half of the 1980s and has served to remove most of the seasonal element from the figures. Current unemployment (2002) at some 0.5 % of the economically active population is well below the United Kingdom's national average.

Among the sectors providing major employment are financial services, manufacturing, construction, distribution and professional and scientific services, whilst the Island's public sector and civil servant workforce is in the region of 9,000 and at about 23% of the economically active population. The Isle of Man Civil Service Vacancies are listed on their web site.


To create further capacity for economic growth the Government continues to consider measures which will increase the size and productivity of the workforce from amongst the existing population. The Department of Trade and Industry provides opportunities for training and retraining by direct support at its training centre and by financial support to employers providing on the job training. The Island's Job Centre is active in its efforts to assist persons to obtain employment and employers to obtain suitable employees.

The changing nature of the employment market has led the Government to place increased emphasis on the better use of available labour, preferring investment in high value added enterprise by new and existing firms to projects involving new labour intensive employment. It is recognised by the work permit authorities that new companies establishing themselves in the Island may need to bring key personnel with them.

The Isle of Man has a tradition of good industrial relations, strikes and other disruptions being rare in comparison with the United Kingdom. A number of United Kingdom based trade unions have branches on the Island but they operate within an entirely separate framework of employment legislation. An independent Manx Industrial Relations Service, with a full-time b, is available to handle enquiries from both employers and employees. There is also a local Employment Tribunal with a range of functions under the Island's employment legislation.

Assisted by United Kingdom management consultants expert in the field of employment law, the Manx Government has overhauled the Island's employment legislation, replacing the previous limited requirements with a system which is simple and offers enhanced protection for workers without placing excessive burdens and restriction on employers.

The result has been the introduction of the Employment Act 1991 and the Trade Unions Act 1991. Between them these two Acts deal with such matters as unfair dismissal, registration of trade unions "cooling off periods" before industrial action, limitations on picketing and so on. The Employment Act incorporates previous requirements such as the issue of written particulars of terms and conditions of employment. Provision for redundancy payments is made under the Redundancy Payments Act 1990. In addition, the Trade Unions Amendment Act 1995 and the Employment Amendment Act 1996 have followed the earlier legislation.


Looking for Work - Introduction

Most people have an idea of where and when to look for work, so this article is written as a check list of what you should be doing and where you should be looking if you're serious about finding employment on the Isle of Man.

Job Centre

The Isle of Man Government Job Centre provides vacancy boards for all types of work, the vacancies change quite frequently and it's worth visiting regularly. The staff can arrange for interviews for suitable vacancies and offer support and advice.

Address: Job Centre
Nivison House
31 Prospect Hill
Isle of Man
Post Code: IM1 1QS
Telephone : 01624 687014
Fax : 01624 686453

Careers Centre

The Department of Education provides a Careers Service Centre dealing with young people, although can offer advice to adults.

Address: Careers Service
Hill Street / Upper Church Street
Isle of Man
Telephone : 01624 685128
Fax : 01624 687016
Web Site

The Isle of Man Government Departments



Many jobs are advertised in local Newspapers, papers include the Courier (free paper), Examiner and Independent. The Isle of Man Newspaper website provides advertised positions



Employment agencies can often work in two ways. They employ and pay you while you work on a contract they have with an employer, or they fill a vacancy for an employer who will then employ you directly. These vacancies can be permanent or temporary and there are agencies who specialise in specific occupational areas.

It's not unusual for 'temps' to find full time work through agencies. Employers may well treat a temporary contract as a 'probationary' period. Of course for some employers and employees alike, temporary contracts give them both flexibility.


Employers Premises

Many employers still have vacancy boards on their premises. Large stores such as food retailers and DIY companies use internal notice boards as these are seen by thousands of customers, and there is often no need to go to the expense of advertising as suitable applicants can be attracted through these notices.

It is also common practise for these types of companies, whose staff continually changes, to provide application forms even when they have no vacancies. Ask at customer service desks.


The Web

If you're reading this, you will already know that the WWW is a great resource for jobs. Employment and recruitment agencies use it a great deal having their own websites and carrying vacancies - nationally and internationally.

Isle of Man based employment agencies

Ability Plus -

Hamblin -

Link Recruitment Consultancy -

Travail -

Ambitions Recruitment -

Orchard Recruitment -

Miracles Employment Agency -

Paragon -

Search & Select -

Most sites are well marketed through search engines, so a search there is a must. Do a little reading on how to make the best use of each engine, how to combine words effectively, it will save time if you make specific searches for, say, graduate recruiters or specialist occupation agencies, rather than trawling through hundreds of thousands of general search results.

Once you've found your sites you will find vacancies, with on line directions on how to apply. With others an added feature will be a CV posting service, very useful speculative approach to those hidden vacancies.

Plan - Your Search, Get Organised

To make the best of your job search you need to concentrate on the above, plan your search, plan the time you spend in the visible and hidden job markets. The more that you put into your job search in terms of research, time, effort and planning the more likely you are to succeed in finding those vacancies.


Source & Here



Island Life


The Island has excellent health care, high educational standards, efficient transport and communication systems, together with a buoyant economy, political stability and traditional independence. There is a relaxed and peaceful way of life in the Isle of Man with an untroubled atmosphere and friendly residents.

Whilst offering all the services and facilities of a modern European centre, the Island also boasts a fine selection of restaurants, shopping and leisure facilities. Yet away from the busy commercial centres, the Island has retained a pace of life which is the envy of most urban dwellers.

With the tourist industry complementing other sectors of the Island's varied economy, residents enjoy amenities such as the theatre, cinemas, modern hotels, health clubs, a casino and night clubs in addition to the many public houses and top-class restaurants which belie the Island's modest population.

If you are taking up residence in the Isle of Man upon your arrival there are various aspects of Island life you will need to consider.

Benefits and Services

New residents will find that certain public services and benefits are not immediately available to them on arrival. For example, public authority housing is restricted to those with at least ten years' residence on the Island; five years' residence is required to qualify for Income Support and six months for Family Income Supplement.

Noble's Hospital - picture courtesy of manxscenes.comHealth Care

New residents, who should register with a General Practitioner on arrival, are entitled to the full range of services from the date of taking up residence. Prospective new residents with special medical requirements are advised to make enquiries of the Department of Health and Social Security to ensure that appropriate facilities are available.

Driving and Vehicle Licences

New residents must obtain an Isle of Man driving licence. Persons holding current driving licences issued in the UK, EU, Channel Islands and certain other countries can obtain an Isle of Man driving licence by presenting their existing driving licence to the Vehicle Licensing Office, Department of Transportís Licensing Office, Sea Terminal Building, Douglas.

However, persons holding driving licences other than those issued in the UK and Channel Islands may have to take a driving test and should contact the Vehicle Licensing Office to establish whether this will be necessary.

United Kingdom and foreign registered motor vehicles must be re-registered as soon as possible after the owner takes up residence. In order to comply with this requirement, persons should attend the Vehicle Licensing Office, Department of Transportís Licensing Office, Sea Terminal Building, Douglas. It will be necessary for owners of UK registered motor vehicles to present the following documents:

the existing vehicle registration document
a current insurance certificate for the vehicle
if the vehicle is more that 3 years old it will also be necessary to produce a vehicle testing certificate.
These certificates can be obtained by contacting the Vehicle Testing Centre, Tromode, Douglas. Telephone: +44 (0)1624 627431.

Persons wishing to re-register foreign vehicles (i.e. from outside the United Kingdom) or with commercial and other types of vehicle should contact the Vehicle Licensing Office to enquire about additional registration requirements.

For further information, please contact the Vehicle Licensing Office, Department of Transportís Licensing Office, Sea Terminal Building, Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 2RF. Tel: 01624 686836.

Work Permits

Whilst there are no special restrictions on access to the Island (other than those under the Immigration Act which apply equally in the United Kingdom) the ability of newcomers to take up work is governed by the Control of Employment Acts which require anyone who is not an "Isle of Man worker" to have a permit before starting employment or self-employment in the Island. (There is a certain limited number of occupations for which permits are not required, e.g. doctors, dentists, ministers of religion or the police).

Qualification as an "Isle of Man worker" includes being born on the Island, resident for at least five years, married to an "Isle of Man worker", having received full-time education during residence (and having remained on the Island thereafter) or having a Manx-born parent who has spent the first five years of their life on the Island. Full details are given in the Department of Trade and Industry web site.

Income Tax

As soon as possible after arriving in the Isle of Man, new residents should contact the Assessor of Income Tax so that appropriate returns and any advice on income tax liability can be issued.

Voters List

Forms are sent to all households annually in January and at that time your details should be entered and returned to the Treasury, Voters Section, for inclusion on the electoral roll.

For further information, please contact the Voters Section, Economic Affairs Division, The Treasury, Illiam Dhone House, 2 Circular Road, Douglas, IMI IPQ. Telephone: +44 (0)1624 685750

Residential Property

The construction industry has been swift to respond to the demands of a growing Island population and homes of all sizes, to suit most tastes, pockets and lifestyles, are available in a variety of locations. Potential buyers will find a comprehensive range of properties available on the Island including apartments, bungalows, traditional terraced, semi and detached houses and quaint country cottage retreats right up to large country and coastal properties.

Glenesk Guest House Onchan Isle of Man UK AccommodationProperty Rates

Upon becoming the owner or occupier of a property on the Island, new residents should contact the Rating Section of the Treasury so that its records can be updated. The rating year commences on the 1st April each year.

For further information, please contact the Rating Section, Finance Division, The Treasury, Government Offices, Bucks Road, Douglas, IM I 3PX. Telephone: +44 (0)1624 685631/2.

Public Sector Housing

Both Central Government, through its Department of Local Government and the Environment, and several of the district local authorities, including Douglas, hold and control a sizeable stock of public sector housing. However, Government policy encourages home ownership and emphasis is placed on mortgage assistance for first-time buyer homes in the freehold market whilst continuing the construction of state-owned premises, where appropriate, currently including the provision of housing for the elderly.

Foreign Nationals

Immigration legislation on the Isle of Man is similar to that in the United Kingdom and applies to nearly everyone who is not a British Citizen or who does not have the right of abode in the United Kingdom, although Irish citizens and EEA citizens exercising Treaty rights are exempt from many provisions.

If you are not a British citizen you should contact your nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate, who will be able to establish your immigration status and advise you on the procedure you will need to adopt to enter the Island. It may be that you will need an entry clearance before you travel and if so you should apply in good time.


List of companies with registered estate agents

Company Name and Address

Contact Information


Estate Agents,

8 Arbory Street,


IM9 1LJ.

+44 (0)1624 823922

Black, Grace, Cowley Limited

11 Prospect Hill,


IM1 1ES.

+44 (0)1624 622228

Chris Blackburn

5 Parliament Square,



+44 (0)1624 825191

Chrystals Brothers

Stott & Kerruish Limited,

31 Victoria Street,


IM1 2SE44

+44 (0)1624 625100

Chrystals Brothers

Parliament Street,


IM8 1RB23

+44 (0)1624 812236

Chrystals Brothers

Station Road,

Port Erin,


+44 (0)1624 833903

Chrystals Brothers

13 The Village Walk,


IM3 4RA.

+44 (0)1624 623480

Cowley Groves & Company

18 Victoria Street,


IM2 4ER.

+44 (0)1624 625888

Cowley Groves & Company

1 Victoria Buildings,

Parliament Street,


IM8 1AX.

+44 (0)1624 812823

Cowley Groves & Company

Church Road,

Port Erin,

IM9 6AQ.

+44 (0)1624 834811


Douglas Office

37 Victoria Street


Isle of Man

+44 (0)1624 620606


Castletown Office

Residential Sales

9 Castle Street

Castle Town

Isle of Man

+44 (0)1624 825995


Ramsey Office

Residential Sales

29 Parliament St


Isle of Man

+44 (0)1624 816111

Harmony Homes

Douglas Office

31 Duke Street



+44 (0)1624 616200

Harmony Homes

Port Erin Office

22 Church Road

Port Erin


+44 (0)1624 835252

Island Property Consultants

2 Auckland Terrace,



+44 (0)1624 819444

Manx Homes and Properties

5 Athol Street,


IMl 1LA.

+44 (0)1624 627434

Prosearch Limited
Sycamore House,
Ramsey Road,

Housing Price Guide

Price and Category Guide as at January 2006:

Price Description
£75,000 to £130,000 1 to 2 bedroom, converted flat or small property in need of updating, repair and modernisation.
£153,000 to £180,000 2 bedroom purpose built apartment or 2 bedroom modern mews estate house. Medium older terraced house requiring modernisation.
£180,000 to £235,000 2/3 bedroom modern semi-detached house or bungalow with garage.
£190,000 to £250,000 Traditional 3 bedroom semi-detached house or bungalow with garage.
£250,000 to £320,000 3 to 4 bedroom detached estate house. 4/5 bedroom older modernised town house. 3 bedroom detached bungalow.
£320,000+ Modern 4 bedroom detached house /bungalow with large garden area or small holding.
£400,000+ 3 to 4 bedroom detached country house with small acreage. Luxury 3 bedroom purpose built apartment with coastal aspects and garaging.
£450,000 to £600,000 3 to 5 bedroom quality residence with acreage. Superior house/bungalow with coastal views set in 2-3 acres.
£650,000+ Individual quality property with excellent views and acreage.

For a detailed listing of available properties and purchase prices please contact an estate agent.

Please note: The Isle of Man maintains a system of domestic rating and there are no plans to introduce Council Tax

Price and Category Guide as at February 2006

List of Companies with registered Estate Agents



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