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Welcome to's site history. This site originally started on Freeserve as purely a learning area for one of our web masters.  With the move in this country towards the Internet we also decided to get our own domain name -'s. As you can see below we have changed and expended for the better to give you more of an in-sight in to so many different areas so who knows what we will be doing in he future ?

29/10/99   This site is launched and the web feels better already !
07/10/99 Links page added as well as the Travel news
11/12/99  Links Section Updated
24/12/99 Menu System Improved - Standby for company services - Coming Soon !!!
20/01/00 Its a new year and new services - free web based email for everybody here, also new search engine that searches not only this site but the WHOLE Web Free
27/01/00  Introduction Of The Technology And Little Known Secrets Area. This area will give you information that is hard to obtain. Please bare in mind that it is a brand new area and still under construction.
27/02/00 Services Section UPDATED - Complete Communications Solutions now has a number of PC Specialist services available
14/03/00  Shockwave & Flash site created making viewing this site easier
28/03/00  News Feeds Section Updated. More to follow soon as a big update is in progress
10/09/00 Our site has been relocated to after a major refresh - see above
01/10/00  Our Tech Info section has been greatly expanded as well as a new section Freebies which has been added
02/10/00  New WAP services coming soon - click here for more info
28/10/00 Shock & Flash system disabled as its not been achieving the right results. Also the site entrance has been re-designed for similar reasons
03/11/00 Two new sections added today. Webmaster Tools & Resources and Free Job Resources a collection of the best Internet sites for jobs in many sectors including IT
06/03/02 The OMNE cable company information mini site starts
04/07/02 After a long and successful presence on the net with our IT Services we have decided to hand it over to a up and coming firm in the local are who can take them to a new level. We can highly recommend Lancastrian IT who serve the same local area and more. They can provide Direct PC services both for the home and any business as why as having very competitive prices on PC components, pre built systems to custom specs and many other peripherals such as printers, scanners, modems etc. Please give them a click here - you may be surprised at what you find. Continue to stay with use are we are now planning concentrating on taking this site to new heights for our regular visitors with new content, resources and tutorials. If you have any thing to contribute let us know, and to all our previous customers thank you for your time and we hope that you will support Lancastrian IT as you have done us.
01/12/02 DIAG - The Digital TV Interactivity Action Group mini site starts
23/02/03 The Vauxhall Vectra CarPC / Carputer Project mini site is started
18/04/03 After much thought I have decided to shut down the main site due to the fact that it looked old and was hard to maintain and because of this numbers have dropped off. I want to thank those that were regulars and if there is some thing you would like to see back then drop me an email. For now I am going to concentrate on the other mini sites that are located here as I think its a better way to maintain the information as each site is more relevant - please feel to visit each one of them. ( Terran Brown - Webmaster )
07/02/04 My HTPC project area is started. This is a multimedia centre based around PC technology.
06/06/04 LetsworKTogether Launched - LetsWorKTogether - The New Collaborative Consumer Site - Consumer Collaborative Tools, Message Boards, Information, Advice & More
16/04/05 A re-designed CarPC / Telematics site is launched with news feeds
18/04/06 LetsWorKTogether, OMNE Cable TV and Diag mini sites removed due to no longer been required
20/04/06 ( Skykeys / Skynet ) mini TV site on Sky Digital ( Satellite TV ) launched
10/07/06 'All About WightCable North  Mini site is Launched - basically an upgraded OMNE set
22/08/06 'All About WightCable North  renamed to A Small World in line with their forthcoming name change
09/09/06 The Isle Of Man Information & Resource site - Manx Central - with News / Webcams and lots more goes live

Important Note - We Have Had Some web space provider problems of late and I have just moved hosts to 1&1 due to the very poor performance of Freedom2Surf of late. I hope this improves your visit here.

25/05/07 Changed the front menu to squeeze in more items and added a link the forthcoming Letscommunicate Photographic Project mini site.
01/09/07 Connected - 'The' Telematics and Informatics resource is launched. The free services that support it are under development. The will allow access to diffrent types of data which you will be able to view, use and even create your own applications around include, TMC, traffic data, traffic flow, planed work, VMS sign info, road camera images, POIs, speed cams, weather, news and more.... all based on your current GPS location and all in a standard documented format.
30/09/09 Well its a shame to say it but I moved from 1and1 to justhost as I needed MySQL support and they wanted to charge the earth for it despite me asking for a way round it - so here we are
04/02/10 Justhost suck ! They shut every thing down with out warning ( plus I had paid for extras ) and I could not even get my backups I had paid for. In the end I got temp access but they have charged me a couple of times still ! Shame really as I had moved most of my sites to Joomla how ever they claim it was the SQL access that was the issue. Moved to Wicked Websites
10/11/10 Having problems with reliability with Wicked Websites.... a shame I have paid 12 months up front however 1 and 1 are now offering My SQL access so I have moved over again..... I need my mail :( While moving over I have took the opportunity of running a sweeping brush over old sites and re-installing the Joomla based sites. As a result, Letsworktogether, All About Small World, Connected and my HTPC site have all been removed.
20/11/10 Now hosted on 1&1
16/09/15 Updated main web sites to new responsive designs
The Future... Who knows ...


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