The Conclusion Of The Vectra CarPC / Carputer V4


V4 is the best I have done so far. Going back to my roots of using a Via EPIA I’ve been able to use the Voom case and M2 PSU…. don’t get me wrong I still think 1.2Ghz is under powered for future use but for today its just fine. I did fin that the speed was helped when I had a 7200 rpm hard drive in… unfortunately Western Digital replaced it for a slower but larger drive so I did not get that for keeps.


To load up it takes from a clean power up around 45 seconds and out of hibernation around 20-25 seconds – the key as ever is keeping the data and the system drives separate and defragging it a up to three times after you have completed the install. I don’t have a motorised screen with this one how ever that’s no bad thing. I have found there are times I leave the screen and just let it play – especially at night. To further enhance this I’m in the process of setting up a remote control just simply to change tracks of pause the music.


Add to all this my Internet connectivity & online interface and I have a system that works very well – the only problem I have now is that this is the last of my evolutionary steps and so far I have not see what I can do that is revolutionary – only time will tell. In the mean time Freedrive 2 is on the horizon and Road Runner is going from strength to strength – my main concern is how to get my traffic information integrated with the rest of the set up and then attach that in some way to my home system for internal comms, tracking and even remote control of the house while away.


Terran ( 31/10/06 )


MP3 play back Working
DVD / DVix movie play back Working via hard drive only
GPS Working
DAB radio play back Working
GPRS / Mobile Web Working
Live traffic information via the web Working
Mobile phone integration Working but not in use
Custom matching skin with the dash MC2 From CDRSkull
Custom clean boot install Voom Case
Bluetooth Working
Security System Working ( But no details )
In Dash VGA Screen In
RF Remote Control TBA
WIFI Working
CD Rip Working but not in use
Digital TV Working
Analogue TV Working