The Conclusion Of The Vectra CarPC / Carputer V3


Its only been in a few days but I can tell I would miss it should it break. The K301 screen is was a dream and although it sticks out a little you don’t notice it. I have some practical design changes to make but this is not because the design its self is flawed more that I’m just not a engineer and some who who can measure right :roll eyes:. I’ll update this section when I have had more time to come up with a more constructive conclusion other than ‘cool’.

PS V2 now lives in Ford Focus and still keeps going – as yet its not required a rebuild since its first installation.
Terran ( 01/11/05 )
Update ( 06/06/06 ) – Sadly the confidence around the screen was not long lived due to some mechanical problems. I swapped it out and bought a lot of new hardware for v4 – that been said I did re use a lot of items so its not been a total waste. At least I did learn that I am not that good at fabrication so the next design of this type I come up I’ll let some one else build it for me 🙂
MP3 play back Working
DVD movie play back Working
RDS Radio Working
GPS Working
GPS with TMC No
GPS with T-PEG No
DAB radio play back Working
GPRS / Mobile Web Working
Live traffic information via the web Working
Mobile phone integration Working
Custom matching skin with the dash Working & Complete
Custom clean boot install Working
Bluetooth Working
Security System Working ( But no details )
In Dash Motorised VGA Screen In
RF Remote Control Working
WIFI Working
CD Rip Working
Digital TV Working
Analogue TV Working