The Conclusion Of The Vectra CarPC / Carputer V2


Well its in. Does exactly what it says one the tin. Problems – well only two, I want a faster CPU – this one works ok but takes around 45 seconds to boot – I am down the drive and out on to the road by then. The second is that I am using an FM modulator to get the sound in, it works but unfortunately sounds a little flat. I have to investigate this how ever on the whole I am very happy with it this time – bring on Destinator 3, Bluetooth and mobile phone integration.


Terran ( 11/01/04 )


 MP3 play back Working
 DVD movie play back Working
 GPS Working
 Custom matching skin with the dash Working ( Updated )
 VGA touch screen In
 Clean boot install Complete
 Security System Working ( But No Details )
 RF Remote Control Working