The Vectra Has Gone – But I Have Its Cousin

Well – a quick post to let you know that yesterday after much discussion with Nidd Vale directly I have collected my new car – a SAAB 9-3 1.9TD Vector Sport. Having had one of these while going through the rentals I knew it would be a good car and I would be happy driving it. To make as less fuss as possible I have got one with a touch screen GPS ( with TMC ) and a bluetooth system all built in. Unfortuntly I have as a result lost around £4k with in 12 months as a result of walking away from the previous deal and dispite contacting Vauxhall them selves who I believe are accountable they refused to contribute in the slightest to the new car. Any way – the 9-3 shares the same chassis as the Vectra C facelift and even the Ingisnia but the gear box is diffrent as is the engine and its ECU setup. Cross fingures this is it BUT it does mean for the short term the CarPC is on hold to ensure warrenty issues don’t arrise.

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