The Aim Of The Project

The Aim Of All This – Well For Me Any Way
To use all of my talents and expertise being in IT to create my self a custom audio visual system and more that most people would die for which is upgradeable. Big statement I know … It will utilise all the latest  technologies such at ITX and DC to DC power supplies ( PSU ), touch screen technology as well as USB and more where I can. In short it will be a modern slim, portable and very useable system and as far away from the old AT & ATX systems of yeast-a-year as possible . Watch this space for more. For you its a chance to follow my CarPC / CarPuter Project as it grows in detail – including, GPS navigation, digital music, PC enhanced DVD, real Internet and email, PC games, PC computing applications, custom interfaces, voice control & feedback, MP3, instructions, ‘how to’s’ and other CarPC / CarPuter links – All Here – Oh and to have fun while doing it….
Who Am I & Why Am I Doing This ?
My name is Terran Brown and I have been in working in IT for a number of  years or so. Being a Vauxhall enthusiast I have decided to get myself a very special car. For some time I have wanted a Vectra B GSI ( which I have got now ) – being not very well paid I ended up with a SRI ( For those of you outside the UK the GSI is the one pictured here and the SRI is a lower spec but not bad motor ). Anyway I digress… I have networked my house – all most set up my own X10 system and have my own Intranet looking after everything – and Yes there is a terminal in every room. – Sad I hear some of you cry – I don’t mind its constructive and fun. So with me getting this new car I wanted to get Sat  Nav… and it begins… I looked around  at some very expensive systems and in the end decided to build and design my own.

This was an idea I had back in 1996 but due to funds and the lack of simple technology then it never happened. So the idea was to create a cheaper system that had Sat Nav – that was configurable and upgradeable – not just stuck with one function and upgrades dictated by the manufacturer. My argument for that was simple. If you wanted say a DVD or a TV in your car ( and I don’t advise watching them while driving – in fact in the UK its illegal ) then it would cost you an arm and a leg to get this custom one function device installed. With the Car PC ( or Carputer as its sometimes known ) you can upgrade with easy obtainable and cheap PC bits – its just a matter of installing the drivers etc. Once I had decided on this I decided because of the amount of different applications I wanted to use I wanted to have my own interface, and for that matter one that complimented the car so it was individual and unique.
Please enjoy my web site and I hope you come back as I document the trials and tribulations of this project. I will try and put as much information as I can for those that follow here however if you have a comment please email me here.
Terran Brown – Webmaster