My Vx Day & Night Skin Released

Seeing as I am now running Centrafuse it only seemed right that I have a matching skin to my Cars OEM system…. so here it is – Vx Day & Night. This skin was originally the Gizmo skin from Zorro and I updated using Zorros VD2 Designer how ever there is no reason this can not be used on other cars. Currently supported plug-ins are Bluetooth Control, Camera, Contacts, Email, Infill, Logodashboard ODBII Phidgets Pluginbrowser POIWarner Satradio, Scribble, Skinbrowser, Skype, Weather, Web, Wifi, and TPMS is coming soon. More infomation and the download link can be found on the Fluxmedia forums here.

I’ve also been busy looking at other hardware options for a CarPC. These include my new Carkit which has AD2P and AVRCP support ( See the gallery images ) which I hope at some point Centrafuse 2 will work with. I reviewed the connects2 AD2P adaptor thanks to Jason at KDT Ltd… and you can read that on the reviews section of

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