May The Farce Be With You – The Nidd Vale Saga

Normally I don’t use my web site to moan and complain – thats what family is for 🙂 – but in this case especially as its relevant I thought I’d share my ongoing log of the problem on my car with you all. Entitled “May The Farce Be With You – The Nidd Vale Saga” after a brief spell of Spaceballs on the Vectra-C forum it tells the tale of how 55 days later ( at the time of writing ) and despite contacting Nidd Vale the dealers where I bought the car from – who I might add have not bothered calling to check on me…. now theres customer service – and contacting the Vx Exec support team by emailing Bill Pulfitt ( the current VX CEO ) directly I am still car less. The last update I have is that they can not commit to giving me a date when they can give me a date to look at my car as the specialist engineers are busy. Just about every one you can think of is involved in chasing this up yet still I am driving around in a rental which is all very nice but its not mine and its not a resolution. They are legally following the warranty but have no SLAs to follow so could be 1 day – 1 month or even 1 year before the repair is completed and the car is returned. Any way – have a look at the blog and judge for your self at the level of customer experience you should expect when dealing with Nidd Vale and Vauxhall…. if any thing its put me off from buying a nearly new car again as I never had any of this problem before.

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