Centrafuse 3 Preview On Youtube

Centrafuse have released a viral preview of CF3 and it looks fantastic. They are introducing new features including new GPS engines. David from Fluxmedia commented on CF3 saying “As I said, we are planning to improve the Navigation interface so adding new Navigation engines easily… So there will be big improvements there, so adding support for anything will be improved… as for Navigation we are looking at Sygic, Garmin, and Navigon” he also added “as for platforms, more on this later, goal is all of them of course”. A limited public beta has now started with chosen users.

Re my own car – its still on going and although some more major parts have been replaced Vauxhall have been unable to resolve it. As its now over a month since it went in and the dealer I bought it from – Nidd Vale – dont seem to want to find a fair and sensible solution so I am raising this with Vauxhall customer services them selves….. gutting when considering my long history with Vauxhall cars since starting to drive.

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