Centrafuse 2 – I’ve Bought It

Although its not got a fancy Flash FE and some of the areas need a bit of getting used to I think I can best describe my 2.0 experience as simply wow………

Functionality is all there and bar the UK map version issue ( which has been raised on the Centrafuse forum ) it does what it says on the tin. I noted ‘Jan’s’ comments re the sound on the Darkside some time ago so I had high hopes been both an audio and a videophile…. I was not disappointed with some thing I have watched from its humble beginnings well before Fluxmedia was well known.

My system finally came alive today from the point of sound ( even if I’m not happy 100% with the FE yet ) and its for this reason alone I put my money where my mouth is and went for the SE version. It would have been the XLE version but until the maps issue and TMC ( Pro / Trafficsam for the UK ) is also sorted I’m more than happy with where I am….. doesn’t mean I wont make suggestions mind you to the developers 😉

I have a few niggles to sort such as been in a right hand drive car the volume controls are in the wrong place…. plus return from hibernation is a tad longer but with all that in mind I am in hobby I love and this will take me to the next level of my plans.

Just one final point – I used ‘Zorros’ plugin installer from Fresh – so much less hassle and well worth looking at as your first plugin – Well done David & team….. well done indeed. You can find more infomation about Centrafuse 2 at http://www.fluxmedia.net/

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