85 Days And My Cars Back – Well Almost

Well after 85 days my car is back…. well almost but we’ll come to that shortly. What was the problem I hear you ask ? Well re the gear box ( which they put back in ) it seems the timing chain has sliped a cog ( and its unknown how this happerned ) and through the car in to conflict. In other words all the ECUs where fighting and the car went gaga as a result. Does this explain the loss of braking ? No – this cant be found either how ever may be related as its not come back. Its gone back today unfortuntly due to the radio not working how ever this is minor all things considered. So whats Vauxhalls response to this farce ? Well first of all I am still waiting for the offical report to tell me all the above as I found that out by speaking to the local team my self. Will they extend the warrenty ? No they won’t – in fact I had the whole situation sold to me that they did ME a favour by finishing off the service and de-bugging the AC. I also asked for my CD70 to be changed for an updated one with an Aux port on as I now have to keep the radio in or there may be issues ( ie this is why they could not reprograme the car ) – yet again no was the answer. You can read the details on my work log but this is not the end of it as far as I am concerned as there are potential issues here for other Vectra owners.

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