119 Days And Vauxhall Say ‘So’…….

Not happy. This has been going on for 119 days now and still not concluded and because I have no faith left in the car now I’m looking at changing it this week ( more news later on when its confirmed ), doing this midterm means a potential loss from MY pocket of £4-5k ! I approached Vauxhall about this and the issues they have created ( detailed on my Nidd Vale saga thread ) but they have said they will not do any more now. Servicing the car ( due to it been in so many bits so many times ) and cleaning the AC system of bugs seeing as it stood about for so long was seen as enough. I am therefore taking this further as I feel at the very least others must know about the possible situation and how they try to get out of it. Furthermore there are some major technical issues around ECUs and the CANBUS system which may cause future problems to the innocent eg the removal of the stock radio prevents kit like gearboxes been changed.On the plus side Nidd Vale have redeemed themselves and after a detailed face to face I can firmly say they recognise some of the problems that I have experienced and in that they have done what they can.
If you have a Vauxhall and are affected by this or any other major issue you can contact the Chairman of Vauxhall at bill.parfitt@gm.com or the Vauxhall Exec team on 0845 0902051.

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