V5 ( the VXR Edition ) is now complete and has been built round the Vectra C Facelift. This time with a TMR double din screen and heavy on Internet connectivity and vocational based features I have pushed the CarPC concept further than even before

Still with MP3 music, GPS, Live Traffic Information Via The Web, Movies, Wireless Connections, DAB, TMC & T-PEG Traffic Information via HSPDA / HSPUA all though a custom touch screen display that integrates in to  the dash of my car.

v5 is now completed and installed. With new software and features been planned this version will be is closest to an OEM install possible how ever keeping the key value of simplicity and the ability to remove with out a trace.

My new  Vectra's system has every thing you could want, GSM, GPS, MP3 DVD, DTT, RDS and more - have a look inside..

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